The Dress

Okay, as promised, here’s me in the dress last night:

Not too bad. I look kind of  “squat” though.   And I’m having a moral dilemma.  What do you think about the tan lines?  I guess they aren’t too bad.  But I was thinking about going to get them evened out.  So do I do the spray tan, self tanner, or just use the free tanning booth passes from my gym.  I am morally opposed to artificial tanning, but it’s free . . .  I have done spray tan before, but I don’t really need to be dark.  Just evened out.  Thoughts?

Oh yeah, and I forgot my plan of the week:

Monday: Christmas tree

Tuesday: training

Wednesday: ballet (since I know that I have clean leotard and tights)

Thursday: nothing unless I get motivated to get up early.  Roomie from college is in town

Friday: bells concert

Saturday: Lifting before bells concert and football games

Sunday: running before bells concert

And the next week begins . . .


Posted on December 2, 2009, in Wedding. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. You and the dress look lovely. The tan thing seems fine in the picture. It’s the evergreen headdress that worries me! 🙂

  2. Seriously! It looks so good already!!! That’s really flattering on you. If it was me, I wouldn’t stress about the tanning. If you have time, go for it, but they’re not really bad lines by any means. Maybe you can just throw some bronzer on?..says the girl who has never used any 😛

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