“I am Speedy Gonzales, ze fastest mouse in all Mehico!  And dis is my couzin, Slowpoke Rodriguez!”

Sometimes we like to joke that I’m Speedy Gonzales and M is Slowpoke Rodriguez.  Rather fitting for our personalities.  Anyway, I’ve been craving Mexican for a while.  And I was even more inspired when I walked in on my friend eating an avocado yesterday.  So, I went to the grocery and picked up some chicken, cheese, avocado, guacamole, beans, corn, and sour cream!

First I marinated the chicken in a marinade made of lemon juice, lime juice, coriander/annatto, and canola oil.

I actually should have marinated the chicken much longer (like overnight), but now I’ll know for next time.

Then I made some brown rice and put a bit of lime juice and cilantro in it.

I bought an avocado, but it wasn’t quite ripe (I’ve learned my lesson from using unripe avocados. If it’s not squishy DON’T USE IT!)  So I found this guacamole in the deli section.

The only ingredients are: avocado, tomatillo, onion, garlic, and salt!!  ALL NATURAL AND DELICIOUS!!

Here are the fixins:

M doesn’t like peppers or onions, so I had to think of foods that he would eat.  TA DA!!  I think I might add this to our list of meals that we both enjoy.  Bonus is that it’s very healthy!

M made a burrito, but I wasn’t that hungry, so I just made a little bowl of goodness.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE AVOCADO!!!  It’s so good!

After dinner settled, I made my way over to the gym and did one of my PT routines.  The first move in the routine is a box jump.  I kept thinking of that woman on the Biggest Loser who couldn’t jump up to the box.  I felt lucky that I can jump up to my bench 12x with ease.  Then I got cocky.  The twelve jumps went great, so I decided to go up to 15.  On the thirteenth one, I didn’t jump high enough and fell over the bench!  Bruised my ego more than my knee.  Reminds me that I need to give 100% on every move!!


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  1. I can never get chicken to taste flavorful, even when I marinate it for 24 hours! Do you have this problem too? I’ve been looking for tips on this for awhile now.

  2. Hmm, I think that this time my ratio of oil to tasty stuff (like lime/lemon juice and spices) was too high. Not enough flavor to be infused into the chicken. The marinade didn’t even smell good when I was doing it. Although it turned the chicken orange.

    I used to use the Masterpiece 30 minute marinades like lemon pepper and they worked really well.

    That’s about all I know right now.

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