Soup's On

I did pretty well as far as eating whole foods today:

Breakfast:  Peanut Butter spoon + Fiber One cereal and milk

Snack: Clif Bar, Chocolate Chip (okay, not sounding great so far, but stay with me)

Lunch:  Well we were supposed to have a lunch celebrating the end of a big project (where I worked three 16 hour days in a row over the summer!)   It was at the local Italian restaurant.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have our reservation and couldn’t seat 14 people without it.  So Christie and I took a walk down to Russo’s.  I never know what to get on the salad bar, so it’s usually just a mishmash of what sounds good that day:

Today we have: romaine, red onions, peas, carrots, red peppers, tuna, ham, sundried tomato dressing, cucumber, with a side of melon and pineapple.  Of course a bit of the salad fell down my sweater and onto my pants!  M always asks “Is there a day you don’t drop stuff on you?”  He suggested I should keep a Tide pen at work!

Dinner:  finished up the mexican chicken, corn, black beans, avocado, and tortilla.  Added a dash of chile lime hot sauce for some flavor.  DELISH!

I just haven’t really been feeling the ballet thing recently, so I decided to finally make the “West African Vegetable Soup” that I researched (had to figure out what I could use the cashew butter for).  I was pleasantly surprised!

“West African Vegetable Soup”

1 c. chopped onion

1 tsp. oil

3 c. sweet potato cut into 1in. cubes (I left the skin on, because I LOVE POTATO SKINS!)

1 14 oz can garbanzo beans

1 14 oz can vegetable broth (I might have used too many potatoes, so I also used 2 c. of water)

1/2 c. cashew butter

1 14 oz can diced tomatoes

1/2 tbsp. cumin

1/2 tsp. black pepper

1/8 tsp. salt

Saute the onions in the oil until lightly browned.  Add all other ingredients (could include any veggies lying around, but I didn’t this time).  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes, until veggies are tender.

SERIOUSLY TASTY!!  Kind of like a spicy squash soup.  I would recommend it to others looking to be adventurous.


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  1. That soup sounds seriously yummy! I always eat my sweet potato skins too.

  2. It was! I’m so excited to eat it for lunch!

  3. I’m totally going to make this! Wonder if Kroger has cashew butter.

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