Shopping is my cardio

Another productive Friday off.  Had lunch with work people (celebrating the end of a HUGE project) at a Thai restaurant.  I had the “Boston Bay” dish which had chili basil sauce that was “3 peppers” hot.  It was hot, and I drank like 6 glasses of water, but it was still pretty healthy!  Just scallops, shrimp, calamari, veggies, and a bit of yucky white rice.  Then I braved the malls.  Seriously, it was crazy driving around (it’s Boston any way!) and finished a bit of shopping.

I FINALLY picked up some more workout clothes

I got a short sleeve blue shirt, a purple long sleeve shirt (with a little pocket on the side), and an orange long sleeve for M!  (He loves Orange!)  Plus now we can go running outside over the Holidays!!  CHECK!  I also got a running sports bra that is VERY supportive and I tried it out yesterday at the gym

I decided to give the running intervals a try.  I made it up on the spot, so I will try it again with a bit more of a plan.

0-2 minutes 3.5 mph

2-4 minutes 5.3 mph

4-6 minutes 5.6 mph

6-8 minutes 5.9 mph

8-10 minutes 5.6 mph

10-12 minutes 5.3 mph

12-14 minutes 3.5 mph

14-16 minutes 5.6 mph

16-18 minutes 5.9 mph

18-20 minutes 6.2 mph

20-22 minutes 3.5 mph

22-24 minutes 5.9 mph

24-26 minutes 3.5 mph

26-28 minutes 5.6 mph

28-30 minutes 3.5 mph

TA DA!!  I was surprised at how easily I could go faster.  I should definitely up the speed the next time I try this.  It feels so good to “run” and not “jog”.  Even if I can’t sustain it for 30 minutes, 2 minutes feels just as great!

Friday night date night was dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s (our restaurant).  I tried the Mahi Mahi with a tasty mango slaw( (I have NEVER eaten slaw in my life and this was so delicious).  And a side of sweet potato wedges.  I couldn’t finish the wedges, so they will be a snack today!

We also finally saw episodes 1-3 of Lost Season 5!!!  Now just need to watch 4-11 to catch up to our Tivo.

Today is a Holiday Tea with my girlfriends.  I decided to not go to the gym to work out, but to have “cleaning the house” be my work out today.  Also, I might get a workout with M’s Christmas present!  😉  We are doing Christmas tonight and enjoying the 7-15 inches of snow about to hit Boston!


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  1. I like your new workout clothes! Gym stuff is always my favorite to shop for.

    What do you think about LOST? I was a bit unsure how much I would like season 5 after watching the first few episodes, but once I kept watching, i LOVED it!

  2. I think M likes the fact that his is orange and mine is purple. If we run together we’ll have CLEMSON colors!

    So far Lost is good. We watched Seasons 1-4 in about a month earlier this year, so we’re used to just watching them in a row (and never answering ANY questions). We did enjoy the 10 minute recap on the DVD to remind us of everyone.

  3. nice new gear!

    ~ new to your blog and really like it! 😉

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