Monthly Goals Check In

All about goals huh?   Well, seeing as it’s already January 5th, I should probably review my goals from December and see how they faired.

  • Focus on whole foods (aka core plan/simply filling) and that “full” feeling worked on it a bit, could definitely do more.  However this is a great tool for when you go out to dinner (which we did a lot of over the Holidays).  Look for the grilled fish/chicken, salads, whole wheat pasta.  Chances are you will be consumming far less calories than you would if you went for other things.
  • Workout 5 days per week  this one was going SUPER until the holidays.  I did 5 days per week for three weeks.  Then I took a “rest” week while in Tennessee, which might be extending to a light/rest week for almost three weeks thanks to the holidays, traveling, and the wedding.
  • Whittle my Middle nope, not so much . . .
  • Apply for PE, obtain study materials BIG OL CHECK!!  Although still need to gather my codes
  • Christmas shopping again finished.  Granted I didn’t buy one present until December 29th, but seriously, do you know how hard it is to shop for a twelve year old boy!?!
  • Reduce alcohol consumption I can’t decided if I did this or not.  I can count the number of times I drank (three), but need to work on STOPPING and not drinking the whole bottle.
  • Try new foods/recipes CHECK in the last month I tried a delicious soup, Greek yogurt & clif bars
  • Buy more running sports bras/workout shirts Yup went shopping! and bought some outdoor gear for Matt and me
  • Take running stuff to TN for holidays (make M do it too!) well, we only went “running” once (using the term loosely), but we also went walking several times and I went to the gym once.  Something >> Nothing
  • So what’s for January, well I feel like it all has to take place after January 10th (when we return from “THE WEDDING”), but here’s what I have in mind:

    • Sleep more I intend to get on a better schedule that involves me going to bed BEFORE MIDNIGHT!  This should also play into my goal of getting into work BEFORE NINE
    • Try new foods/recipes still want to experiment and discover good food choices for Matt and me (especially with the crazy studying we will be doing)
    • Get into routine I have made a study schedule for the PE that I need to stick to.
    • Begin morning exercise since we will be studying in the evenings, I need to go to the gym in the morning two days per week.
    • Fix computer and TV well, so my external hard drive (which has a LOT of my itunes on it) hasn’t worked in at least six months.  I WANT MY MUSIC!  Also, Matt and I need to buy a new TV.  This has been on our agenda for a while, and now that our big TV has broken, we need a new one!


    I will check in with these later.  Do you have any goals for the new year or the month of January?


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