Lazy Sunday

Yup, we’re pretty lazy.  Well, got up around 10:15 and still made it to church at 11:15.  We tried out a new church (about 10 minutes away) that is supposed to have a very active young adults group.  It filled up pretty nicely, so maybe it’ll be good.  The only weird part was this woman who was witnessing about her time with an organization in Florida that works with people dealing with homosexuality.  Not to get into a discussion on it, but it sounded like the goal of the organization was to talk people OUT of homosexuality.   I started to feel very uncomfortable, but afterward, the minister did say “I know that some of you may not agree with this, but it’s great that we can talk about such controversial issues in our church.”  I felt a bit better.

But I digress.  After church we headed to one of our favorite restaurants “Not Your Average Joe’s”, where we enjoyed the bread and oil (too fast, no pic!) and I got a half of a chicken tuscan sandwich and cup of creamy tomato soup.

The soup was DELICIOUS, but the sandwich was a bit burnt or something.  Also it came with the whole milk mozzarella that I just don’t care for.  This makes me sad, since I have NEVER had something at Joe’s that I don’t like.  😦  Don’t worry, we’ll return.  It is just a five minute walk from our house.

We came home and I took a bit of a nap (haven’t been sleeping well) before we headed to the gym.  I realized how out of running shape I am.  I haven’t run in at least a month, and running cardio shape leaves you so quickly!  I tried to do some intervals, but couldn’t get past the half mile mark:

  • 2 minutes 5.3 mph
  • 2 minutes 5.6 mph
  • 1 minute 5.9 mph
  • 3 minutes 3.6 mph
  • 1 minute 5.2 mph
  • 1 minute 5.3 mph
  • 1 minute 5.4 mph
  • 1 minute 5.5 mph
  • 1 minute 5.6 mph
  • 2 minutes 3.6 mph
  • 1 minute 5.3 mph
  • 1 minute 5.4 mph
  • 1 minute 5.5 mph
  • 1 minute 5.6 mph
  • 1 minute 5.7 mph
  • 3 minutes 3.6 mph

Then a cool down between 3.5 and 4 mph.  Not a very vigorous workout, but maybe I’ll get back running again.  Working on strength training and dancing mostly.

Dinner was a super California roll from Stop ‘n Shop

and two of these concoctions (just for those who requested it) low fat moose tracks ice cream, peanut butter, and lite chocolate syrup.

Mmmm . . . must go find some green veggies or something.  Need to find a healthier balance (a little more healthy and a little less sane).  But by gosh did it taste good!

Time to play with money and find out where it’s all going!


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  1. Yum, the icecream looks delish!

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