A dinner from childhood

Well, it was an interesting food day.   We had a lunch talk with AWESOME Thanksgiving food.  I had a plate of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and veggies!  Then I had to work late, and didn’t feel like leaving the office to get food.  It was POURING down rain!!

Got home around 9:30, and decided to have a dinner from when I was little:

Grilled peanut butter and chocolate milk!  I don’t really like cheese, so my mom would always make me grilled peanut butter instead.  It usually gets all melty and delicious.  (This one didn’t, but still delicious.)

Veggies/fruits for the day:  peaches, almost 3 servings of mixed veggies, should go have some carrots.

Internet Security

This blog thing has had me worried sometimes about my own security.  I mean I’ve shown a picture of my house, discussed where I live, and said when I’m going to be away on vacation.  And with my impending nuptials, I’d like to share details with the blogging world.  (I can’t seem to shut up about the wedding and barely anything is planned yet.)   However, I’m hesitant to share many things.  I’ve heard horror stories of people having “internet crazies” call their venues and vendors and causing huge problems . . .

How secure do you feel the internet/blogging world is? Where should I draw the line with sharing things?  Any words of wisdom?

On a lighter note, what foods remind you of your child hood?


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  1. I didn’t worry about internet security much until a couple women I know (via my Multiples group) had photos of their kids stolen from their sites. Now I’m very careful to watermark all my photos (not foolproof, but it’ll deter the average lazy nutjob) and I disabled right-clicking on my site too. Plus you probably noticed I quit using the boys’ full names (still need to go back and fix the older posts though.) So I guess I *mostly* feel secure…if it weren’t for my kids, I probably wouldn’t worry at all.

    • I’ve definitely heard that about stealing pictures of kids. I noticed your watermark. How do you do it? I’m not THAT concerned over my photos (who wants a picture of my peanut butter sandwich?) I gave up calling Matt “M”, I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as with kids though.

  2. I love grilled peanutbutter sandwiches! Perfect! I think my favorite childhood favorite is hot dogs!! 🙂

  3. I’m pretty careful about inet security. I try not to let people know I’m going out of town beforehand, and I refrain from giving info that might give away my exact location….even the names of local restaurants. I also don’t share any details about my job. Maybe I’ll lighten up after I do this for awhile….but, you just never know.. :-/

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