What are the kids listening to these days?

I have a “little sister” through Big Brother Big Sister.  She’s eleven.  I visit her once a week during lunch/recess.  Recently we’ve been going to the gymnasium and playing with things like scooters.  The gym also has a sound system and microphone.  She likes to plug the microphone in and give commentary on our adventures.  Last week we decided to play a bunch of the CD’s that were around the sound system.  It was mostly Jock Jams kind of stuff.  She was amazed that I originally had “You Can’t Touch This” on cassette tape!

Anyway, I said that I’d make her a CD of current music for this week’s visit.  Unfortunately, I listen to country (I got annoyed with popular music about 5 years ago), so I had a bunch of Taylor Swift, but not much else.  I had to go searching “Now That’s What I Call Music” for the past year or two to discover “what the kids are listening to.”  How old am I?

I actually did recognize a lot of it.  Here’s my little sister’s playlist that I had for her:

I can’t believe that (a) I have Miley Cyrus on my iTunes now and (b) it’s actually a kind of good song . . .

When the Britney Spears song came on, she said “Oh this is that girl.  You know, the one that shaved her head . . .”  BRITNEY SPEARS!  She is not just that girl, SHE’S BRITNEY SPEARS!  My how times have changed.  I should also bring in my own CD’s.  My friend and I agreed that, even though it’s 15 years old, the Clueless soundtrack is still very relevant and I should expose my pre-teen sister to it.

What songs do you like that are currently popular?  Any other great songs to rock out to?


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  1. Mildly ashamed that I have most of the songs on that list. Also, Party in the USA is such a guilty pleasure of mine. “Hi, my name is Jan, and I listen to Miley Cyrus”. “hi Jan…”

    Everyone should listen to the Clueless soundtrack. It will never NOT be relevant.

  2. I, too, enjoy Party in the USA, a lot. But I’m with you on the country music, there’s much more to like there.

  3. Lady Gaga…she rocks! 🙂

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