Donating Blood

Yup, had an interesting adventure this morning donating blood.  See, I have low blood pressure and they usually have issues finding veins, so I can get anxious about donating blood.  This morning though, blood pressure was up (123/77) and I was very hydrated, so they found a vein easily.  Unfortunately, right as I was about to finish my donation, I started to feel queasy.  I had to lie down for a while.  They put cold compresses on my forehead and neck and brought me juice.  I felt better after a while, so I thought that I was ready to go.  I stood up and went to sit by the juice and cookies, and started to feel bad again.  I spent half an hour in the Blood Mobile getting myself back to normal.  They kept asking if I had breakfast.  Yes!  I had a bowl of shredded wheat an hour before donating!

At least the ladies were nice, and all noticed by engagement ring IMMEDIATELY!  (more than I can say for my male co-workers!)

I’d like to blame their concern on several interesting facts:

  1. I was a bit over zealous with some face exfoliation this morning, and my cheeks have been pink/red all day.  I wasn’t sure if anyone noticed, but when I walked in the door this evening, Matt asked why I was so flushed . . . oops!
  2. I haven’t been sleeping very well the past two nights.  Like maybe 5 hours each night.  I’m just so excited about the wedding, and when I try to sleep, it’s all I can think about!
  3. No third fact, but seemed silly to only put two.

That’s my story for the day.  DIY needs to wait one more day.  I don’t understand how the USPS can send something from Boston to Minneapolis in 2 days, but from Boston to Cincinnati takes 4?

Do you donate blood?  Any scary donation stories?


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  1. I used to donate all the time, but it started making me feel weird so I stopped. I’m interested to know what keeps making you go back. That’s pretty scary to have it affect you so much.

    As for the wedding, I think you should try to “put it away” for a little while. It’s so far away, silly girl! =)

    • I keep going back, because I get out of an hour of work and it helps people. I don’t think about it being bad until the day of.

      • And that’s a very good reason (helping people). Just be careful, I guess. They haven’t asked you to stop yet, so I guess yo u’re good to go! =)

  2. They’ve asked me not to donate anymore 😦

  3. I donate all the time. I am 0- (the universal donor) so they are always calling me for my blood!!

  4. Good for you for donating, Anne. I’m useless for donating blood. I’m the opposite of Kelly…I’m AB+, the universal RECIPIENT, and can only donate to other AB+. Plus my iron is low!

  5. Nothing too scary, just annoying. I’ve been rejected 3 times now. Waited over 2 hours once just to be rejected. Apparently I just have natually low iron cause i do all the things they suggest you should…. i give up.

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