That’s right, it’s finally light outside after 4pm, and we have started running again!

Some friends at work and I run once a week after work (about 5:45).  In theory, we’re training for the Corporate Challenge (a 3.5 mile race with thousands of people around Back Bay) in June, but we also do it to stay in shape.  We’re all about the same speed, so it works out well.  Since it was our first time in about 5 months (I haven’t really run in about 2-3 months), we did about 2 miles with 50% walking and 50% jogging.  We run on a path down by the Charles River (which is still very swollen from the rains last week), and it was a bit muddy at times.  But hey, it was our first week back!

Anyway, for some random eats pictures.  My friend made dinner for Matt and I last night (since we’re so busy with studying).  It was curry.  She made some chicken on the side for Matt.

Tonight, I realized that my avocado was ripe (YAY!), so I made a little burrito type thing with avocado, cheddar jack, and red beans.

It actually tasted a bit funny.  Maybe I should have added the avocado AFTER microwaving.

So regarding the milk discussion, it’s very interesting people’s opinions on milk.  Many people avoid it for both health and “ethical” reasons.  Hmmm . .  like I said, I’m not a very big milk drinker, although Matt drinks it all the time (with “cookies”).   I will still use it with oatmeal and cereal.  And chocolate milk is so good from time to time.


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  1. YAY for running outside!! Woot Woot!!

    And yeah…I probably would not have microwaved the avacado!! 🙂

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