Buffin Up the Upper Body

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge road race in downtown Boston.  (REMIND ME TO TAKE MY CAMERA!), so tonight I tried to do a lifting session that focused on my upper body more (which I like to do anyway, since I already have some nice lower body muscles):

  • Romanian dead lift, 40lb bar, 12X
  • Assisted pull ups (-100lbs), 12X
  • Assisted dips (-100lbs), 12X
  • Bicep curls, 10lbs, 12X
  • Tricep extensions, 20lb bar, 12X
  • Squats with 40lb bar, 12X
  • Chest press, just the bar, 12X
  • Lunges with 25lb weight, 12X each side
  • Repeat 3X

Yeah, now my hamstrings are super sore from those dead lifts . . .  (well just tight).

Not much else for the day.  Hopefully a nice post for tomorrow after running (walking) 3.5 miles!  I’m excited, because it’s my first race with a chip!


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