Happy Fourth of July

Okay, busy weekend of nothing in Tennessee.  And no pictures to show for it!

Friday:  flew to Knoxville after spending 3 hours in Dulles.  We walked around Terminals A/B and named all of the state and attempted to name the country flags.  It’s a great way to (A) get in steps (B) educate yourself and (C) pass the time!

Saturday:  brunch at IHOP, visiting Matt’s granddad, then family BBQ at the house.

Sunday: church, lunch at Outback, saw the A-Team (pretty great, by the way), hung out with Matt’s best man, cookout/game party with church people where I re-learned Rook (for the third time) and taught them Euchre, hurried to fireworks, then hung out a bit more.

Monday: not much but playing with pictures and flying back to Boston.

One of the big projects of the weekend was to gather pictures of Matt for a wedding project.  I haven’t actually seen many pictures of Matt as a little boy.  A little background:  Matt has a twin sister, Diana, and they were born 2 months early.  He weighed 3.5 lbs when he was born and lost almost a pound in the hospital.  He stayed in there for 88 days (because he kept forgetting to breathe).  But he survived!  For those of you who are anxious about premmies, Matt’s a great success case.  Anyway, because of that, there aren’t many pictures (at least happy ones) as a newborn.  But I did find some great ones of him ages 1-6.  He was so freaking cute!  Here’s one of my favorites:

Aww!  I hope our babies have that cute little dimple!

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July!


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