Birthday Presents!

I came home last night about 5:30pm to a smell of warm cupcakes!  Guess who came home early to make me cupcakes?


Birthday Cupcakes

Aren’t the candles cute?

Make a Wish!

I blew them all out and didn’t catch my hair on fire.  SUCCESS!

Time for presents:

Sparkly Earrings

Money for new underwear

April has eaten her way through multiple pairs of my underwear.  I told Matt that I needed more for my birthday, but he refuses to go into “that store”.  Well he made it in for a few minutes!

Pretty Flowers

Great birthday from my buddy!  Isn’t he the best fiance?

And now a preview of where I spent my morning:

Can you guess what it is?  CANSTRUCTION!  The annual Boston Food Bank Fundraiser!  More pictures of the finished product to follow!


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  1. What a sweet fiance you have! Flowers and cupcakes are the best!

  2. What a fiance! I can’t believe he made those cute cupcakes. 🙂 Those earrings are beautiful! You must be marrying into some good taste.

  3. Happy Birthday….love the bling!! Isn’t blue your favorite color?

    • He walks into the store and says “show me blue jewelry”. He says that it makes it a lot easier and narrows down the store really easily. However he’s running out of blue choices. I pointed out some pretty pink stuff, too, when we went to get my ring cleaned!

      Men are silly!

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