Engineer: Sacked!

I had such high hopes for this week.  I started back on WW and was actually going to make it to the gym 3X! Well . . .It started as a sore throat Monday afternoon.  Then it turned into a wicked bad sore throat (like my Boston slang?) by Tuesday.  By that night, I also had a bit of a tummy ache.  I laid down about 7pm and aside from some movement to the bed and to get ready, didn’t get up until 6am.  That was when I discovered that I now had a fever of 101.3!  I skipped work and slept it off.  My fever broke sometime around noon on Wednesday, when I woke up drenched in sweat.  Thursday I felt better enough to return to work, but could still hear the stuffiness in my head.  Yup, Thursday night full blown RHINOVIRUS!  I candot breede drough by dose.  I took some Nyquil last night, because I figured if it’s good enough for Drew Brees, it’s good enough for me?! (and who says advertising doesn’t work).  ENGINEER SACKED!


I did sleep pretty hard.  But still stuffy!  And what better time to get on an airplane to Cincinnati?  ARGH!  Here’s hoping it clears up fast.  Pass the dayquil . . .


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  1. GIRL! I saw the title of this and I thought you got fired! Geesh! Feel better! And, are you in Cincy?

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