Not only is it the first day of winter,

April discovers snow!


but it is five months until the wedding.  I feel like we just got engaged!  CRAZY!

Just 1.5 days of work left, and then it’s CHRISTMAS!  And that means it’s time TEN DAYS OFF!!  It’s going to be a busy ten days, but I’m excited.  I’ll spend time with my family, Matt’s family, and get a bunch of wedding stuff accomplished.  Here’s an updated to do list:

Lots of appointments in Cincinnati!  And I want to get started on those invitations!  I did make our guestbook the other day.  I can’t wait to show it off!  I also started purchasing some bridesmaid gifts (of course those won’t be revealed until May).

Speaking of bridesmaids and gifts, look what came in the mail today:

A beautiful scarf!  It looks so nice with my coat!  She thought that I might love the cobalt, seeing as the bridesmaid dresses are cobalt.

And speaking of those, did I mention that they have been ordered?  Here are the final picks for the six girls:


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  1. Good organization! I had 5 months total to plan my wedding! 😉 Good luck getting everything accomplished.

  2. Those are cute dresses! I think I’m going to need you to look at a dress of mine when you come in town. I’d love to wear it to the wedding, but I’m afraid it might match your BM dresses too much! If so, no worries at all … I’ll just get another! =)

  3. I’m so excited to get the dresses!

    And oh my, your organization…it makes the planner in me so very happy. Nothing like some nice lists in Excel. *Happy sigh.


  4. ahhh 5 months!!!! I had a slight panic attack reading this post , and thinking about MY to do list right now. How is it I felt soooo ahead and all of a sudden I feel sooo behind??

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