Taking Suggestions

So, as if my boss was reading my new blog, I was informed yesterday that I must begin working crazy hours, since we’ll be crazy busy this summer!  AHHH!!

On another note, Matt went to the doctor today and learned that he’s gained a few pounds.  My thought is that our exercise has tapered off, and we’ve been eating rather poorly recently.

What does this mean?  Well, we need to start actually making food at home (not just ordering take out or making pizza rolls).  The hindrances to this would be our differences in tastes and now our lack of time.  Not only will I be working more, Matt’s been working overtime for the past few months.

Suggestions for easy, healthy recipes?  Dinner?  Lunch? What do you keep on hand?  With the abundance of produce available in the summer, I’m hoping that it’ll be easy.  Some thoughts off the top of my head:

  • Mexican (quesadillas, tacos)
  • Try some tasty smoothies (like berries, not spinach for Matt)
  • Experiment with high protein waffles

Other thoughts?  Think of a five year old who refuses to eat vegetables.  That would be my husband.

How about some pictures for the day?

Here’s our new bedding!!  It just arrived today!  SUPER EXCITED

And a picture of April from the Whisker Walk ( a dog fundraising event that we attended)


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  1. Emily Borchert

    What about sweet potatoes? They are supposed to be really good for you if you don’t add sugar and butter.

  2. Try adding just cinnamon and walnuts/pecans to the sweet potatoes. Also, I just made super easy stuffed peppers last week. The one I did used Zataran’s, which is salty, but otherwise not so bad. I also need suggestions. Blah, cooking.

    • Well, I don’t like cinnamon, but Matt does. I’m fine with just a sweet potato or sweet potato and baked beans. And peppers are a no-go for Matt. Silly boy (see what parameters I have to put up with!)

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