Honeymoon Recap: Our First Night in Oahu

We left for our honeymoon on Monday, May 23, at 6am.  It was pouring down rain.  We were delayed out of Cincinnati, so that we were THOSE people running through the Dallas airport.  Of course when we finally got onto the plane, we were told that there were storms coming in.  We waited on the tarmac for another 1.5 hours.  Whatever, we were on our way to HAWAII!  We landed in Hawaii around 3:30pm (which was 9:30pm East Coast time), and guess what, THEY LOST MY LUGGAGE!!  ARGH!  Whatever, we got our rental car, and drove through rush hour traffic to find our hotel.

We stayed at the Kahala Resort, which is absolutely beautiful!  It’s on the other side of Diamond Head from Honolulu and Waikiki, so it’s very quiet.

The whole lobby is open air (it’s such nice weather in Hawaii).

The room was so relaxing.

(Note that the only clothes that I had were in that small carry-on.  That would be my swimsuit and my lingerie from my cupcake bridal shower and bachelorette parties.  What else do you really need on your honeymoon? ;P  )

We chose to not splurge on an ocean view and instead faced the Waialae Golf Club.  I think that it’s still a pretty freaking fantastic view.

And look what else made the trip to Hawaii and was  awaiting us when we got there?

My bouquet and champagne!  My bouquet was so pretty that I couldn’t stand to just throw it away.  So I packed it up.  It’s a little worse for the wear, but still gorgeous.  Around the box are mine and Matt’s leis, that we were given upon check-in to the Kahala.  No, we were not given leis at the airport, but we were when we checked in.  The Kahala gifted us with champagne.  That’s what you get for telling people that you’re on your honeymoon (along with probably half of the people on our plane to Honolulu!).

Since it was almost 5:30pm (that would be 11:30pm Eastern), we needed to find some food.  We went downstairs to the Plumeria Beach House at the Kahala and ate outside.  The view was so nice.

Matt dug right in (I think he ate the entire breadbasket!)

And now for the food:

Matt got Hawaiian Style Braised Korubuta Pork which came with sweet potatoes taro puree (they would be the purple looking stuff).  DELICIOUS!

I got a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes.  Everything was decimated when I finished.  So good!

After eating, we explored the Kahala.  They have live dolphins!

Can you spot a fin?

And we went to other pond and found a ray!

It was a beautiful night.  After going to a nearby mall and Longs (our CVS equivalent!) for some toiletries and flip-flops for me, as well as some booze (Hooray for being able to buy alcohol in a drug store!  And hooray for our mini fridge in our suite!), we were exhausted.  So we packed it in, and went to bed at 9pm.  And that is the beginning of our Hawaiian honeymoon.  Stay tuned as we visit Oahu and Maui!


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  1. I love this! 🙂 Looks like you’re having a blast…enjoy!!

    and CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

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