Live from Boston


Or Sunday morning.  But last night was Saturday night.  And what did we do?  Why go to the WKLB Music Festival of course! It was a pretty awesome show!

First up, Jerrod Neimann.  For those of you who are country music fans, you may recognize his songs “Lover Lover” and his new one “One More Drinking Song”.


His set was short and sweet, about 30 minutes.

Next up, Mr. Miranda Lambert, I mean, uh Blake Shelton!  That dude is crazy!!  He told us all this weird story about his family and their music tastes growing up.  So along with his own songs, he sang “My Prerogative”, “Play that Funky Music White Boy”, and “Angel in the Centerfold”.


Of course, he did agree to play his newest song, my favorite, “HONEYBEE”!!!!


I have no idea why I cut it off right at the end.  Something went through my head that told me to stop it.  And it’s my favorite part!  “You’ll be my sugar baby, I’ll be your sweet iced tea!”  Not only does this song just make me smile, but I connect with it.  See, it came out right before we got married.  On my 14 hour drive from Boston to Cincinnati, I heard it for the first time on XM radio.  Then I heard it another dozen times.  And every time it just put a smile on my face.  Plus, Blake and Miranda got married a few weeks before we did.  To add to that, remember that our friend Kristin, is a doppleganger for Miranda Lambert.

So what could top all of that . . . MR BRAD PAISLEY!  This is the second time that I’ve seen him in concert, and he is just FABULOUS!  I think that he is incredibly talented and just seems so freaking nice.  I’d love to meet him some day.



(I was trying to get a picture of his paisley guitar.)

So his finale was “Water”, but then he came out for an encore (surprise! surprise!)

He finished with “Alcohol”, where all of the artists from the festival came out and were drinking at a bar set up on stage.  Right at the end of this video, he sings the second verse.  And in lieu of saying “And also for those naked pictures of you at the beach” he said “Also for those naked pictures of Blake Shelton” at the beach”.  He liked to make fun of Blake, such as saying that the song “I’m Still a Guy” was dedicated to those guys who are lead around on leashes by Miranda Lambert, I mean their women.

WHAT A SHOW!!  Highly recommend it, especially if you are a country music fan!!


So speaking of dopplegangers, I’ve got another one for you.  We say “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2” on Friday night, which is really awesome!  Very true to the book!!  Anyway, I’ve always thought that my brother looked like Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley.  But in this one scene, the resemblance was uncanny.  It was like I was looking at my brother.  You be the judge.


Which one is which?  I’ll give you a hint, my brother is wearing glasses!



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  1. What an amazing weekend! Did you watch “The Voice” with Blake Shelton?

    Loved Harry Potter and yes! Your brother does look like Ron Weasley! He is one of my fav characters!!

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