Honeymoon Recap: Diamond Head

On our final day in Oahu, we decided to hike Diamond Head before our plane left at 3:30pm. I put on my pineapple ankle socks!  We were in Hawaii after all!


We woke up bright and early for a final breakfast buffet.



We sure were going to miss this view at breakfast!

After fueling up with an omelet and macadamia nut muffin, DSC03458DSC03460

We drove to Diamond Head.  It was actually really busy, and we had to wait about 10 minutes until a parking space opened up.


The trail is only 0.8 miles long, but it does get a bit steep.  And there are points where there are lots of stairs.  Since we were worried about checking out and making our plane, we hauled butt up and back down.  It was 25 minutes each way!

The view from the top was just gorgeous.


Can you see the parking lot down there?


The view of Waikiki.


The gorgeous ocean views.


Looking Eastward, you can almost see the Kahala, our hotel.



Then it was time to go pack up at the hotel (and finish the last glass of wine left in the bottle.  It was after noon!)


Why are you taking my picture?


Oh I was going to miss that view.


Farewell Oahu and the Kahala!


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  1. I seriously just laughed out loud at how stinkin cute those pineapple socks are! 🙂 Adorable!

    What an excellent last day…a perfect ending to your honeymoon!!

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