Honeymoon Recap: Road to Hana, Part 2

If you missed Part 1, click here.

After the arboretum, we drove down to the small village of Keanae.  The town is on an old lava flow, and the waves came crashing onto the lava rocks in spectacular fashion!


I even have some video of it.


Waves Crashing!
More waves crashing!

Back on the Road to Hana, we tried to stop at a few waterfalls, but of course there were people EVERY WHERE!  And the road ain’t exactly built for lots of stopped cars and pedestrians.  So we did a drive by.


We finally made it to Hana.  I kind of expected it to be bigger. 

Anyway, we had some lunch, and then decided to find the Red Sand Beach.  To get to the beach, we felt as if we were trespassing by these private cottages.  We went through a field with a small cemetery.


Next we went to our right and down some rather treacherous paths.  I would not recommend this to the elderly.

At first we came to a spot, that rather reminded me of the Northwest U.S.  It’s all very green and rocky.


(Can you see the tiny people climbing up the side of the hill?  That’s what we had just come down.)

Finally some people come from the way behind us in that picture.  They told us that we should follow the path that they just came from and we would find the Red Sand Beach.  Again, more slippery slopes for climbing. 

And then we found it.


It was so cool and out-of-the way.  Although other people had found it, too.  We decided not to further risk our necks and climb down to the actual beach. 

Another site at Hana is Fagan’s Cross.  It’s a three mile hike up to the cross, which was erected in memory of Paul Fagan, the founder of the Hana ranch and Hotel Hana-Maui.  Since it was almost 5pm and we still had to drive back to the Hotel (at least 2 hours), we decided to admire the cross from afar.


After that, it was time to head home.  I let Matt drive, while I took a nap (and a few more pictures from the road).



The town down there is Keanae (where the crazy waves were).  I thought it looked so picturesque from the Road.  I feel as if that picture could have been taken up here in New England.

On our drive back, Matt and I decided that we were both glad that we did the Road to Hana.  Although we don’t know if we need to do it again any time soon.  I’m so happy that we had our Frommer’s guide book.  Some of the stops along the way are literally just dirt paths off the side of the road.


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  1. I am so glad to find someone else who did the road to Hana as part of their honeymoon trip. That’s what my fiance and I are planning to do. And even though it’s mostly the same for all visitors, I feel like there is a different mindset for us honeymooners. So it was good to hear your perspective. I feel like your posts covered it pretty well, but if you were to go back and do it again, would you change anything? What suggestions do you maybe have for us?

    • Well I would definitely read the Frommer’s travel book and maybe others so that you can find all of the nooks and crannies (like that Red Sand Beach). Maybe read it BEFORE you go, so that you know that there are some nice hikes along the way. When we got to Hana, we were too tired for a 3 mile hike. Maybe have some toilet paper or paper towels with you. The one rest area is kind of yucky and not well maintained. If you have issues with car sickness, be sure to take some medication. Just prepare to spend a long day in the car. I’m so glad that we chose to rent the convertible. It was a nice, relaxing drive with my new husband.

      FWIW, my husband said that he’s not sure he would do it again. As in, he enjoyed it, but it’s kind of like “ok”, check! done!

  2. Enjoyed reading your post and your photos. :). Do you remember the Mile Marker where you turned off for the Red Sand Beach? We’ve done the Hana Hwy drive several times, as Maui is our favorite island, but never even read about, let alone come across, the Red Sand Beach. We also road bikes down Mt. Haleakala after Sunrise. Congratulations and may you have a long and blissful marriage. God bless you.

    • Thanks for reading! If I remember correctly, we parked in Hana and ate at like the only restaurant in town. Then we walked down the very last road in town (if you’re coming from the airport to Hana) and found the pictured graveyard. We walked through it and found a little dirt path. While we drove along the Road to Hana, we followed the navigation from our Frommer’s book. It told us a lot of places to stop that we wouldn’t have seen or found otherwise.

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