Being a Tourist

What a crazy week in Boston.  First an earthquake, then a tropical storm!  Anyway, before all of that, Matt and I went downtown last Sunday and played tourist.

You know, we live in this great city, full of history and things to do and see, but we live here, so we never do it.  Well, Matt and I made a list of things to do in Boston (yes, it’s a Word document titled “Things to do in Boston.doc”), and today we checked one off!

Matt downloaded an audio tour of the Freedom Trail from The Freedom Trail Foundation.  It was a bit difficult to follow at times.  We weren’t always sure when to move onto the next spot, but it was very informative.

We started out at the Boston Common, where there was a demonstration going on (of course, it’s Boston).


First stop, the State House.


Next, the Granary Burying Ground, with Benjamin Franklin’s obelisk  marked grave


Paul Revere’s grave


And Sam Adams, who apparently failed at being a brewer when he was alive.


The site of the first public school (which is now the site of a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse)


The Old State House that now has the unicorn and lion back on the top, which represented the British Monarchy.  Obviously they were removed during the American Revolution.


The Bell in Hand Tavern in the North End.


There was some parade going on in the North End.


While we were in the North End, we stopped at Mike’s Pastry!!  Our awesome photographer, Nathan Peel, gave us a gift certificate to Mike’s after our whole album mixup.DSC03829DSC03830

Matt says “TASTY!” to the chocolate cannoli!

We enjoyed our cannolis at the Rose Kennedy Greenway. It’s a great park that was built after the Big Dig (I-90/93 used to be here, and now it’s a park!)  There are fountains and it’s a great place to people watch!


After our brief respite, we continued through the North End and ventured into Paul Revere Park.


There was a couple taking engagement pictures.  Hmmm, taking engagement pictures in the North End . . . who would do that? Smile with tongue out


Speaking of our engagement pictures, here’s the Old North Church!! This is where the lanterns were placed by the church sexton, Robert Newman, to tell Paul Revere “one if by land and two if by sea”.  The scary part was that the church was housing British soldiers at the time.  So the appearance of the lanterns was brief.


We also passed a gastronomic landmark. 


Finally, we made it to the Bunker Hill Monument (which is actually on Breed’s Hill).


Unfortunately it was closed (note to future Freedom Trailers, start BEFORE 2:30pm)

Here’s the view of Boston from Breed’s Hill.  It probably would have been even better from the top of the monument.  Oh well.


We were also too late for the USS Constitution (aka “Old Ironsides”).  We’re going to try to go over there and see them another day.



So that was our adventure with the Freedom Trail.  We were so freaking tired.  And then we had to walk back. I google mapped it, and we walked about 5 miles (including climbing Breed’s Hill and Beacon Hill).   It was a great day though and we can now check it off of our list! Open-mouthed smile


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  1. You were about 5 steps from my apartment (soon to be ex-apt) it seems! I always considered the Paul Revere Pavilion my entrance way. I probably ran by you in a huff at some point – damn north End tourists 😛

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