Mini Heart 15K in Cincinnati

This past weekend was pretty awesome!  I flew to Cincinnati to accomplish a multitude of items.  I needed to see my nephew and Grandma.


(that is my nephew and not my grandma!)

I attended my friend’s bridal shower (I’m a bridesmaid in her wedding in May!)


Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, there were some themed cookies.



(Sarah has an announcement!  Not really, we were just having fun with the super cute banner!)

And I ran a 15K through the hills of Cincinnati with my BFF, Kathleen.  Running a 15K on the Sunday morning after St. Patrick’s Day means no boozing (well limited boozing) the night before, and also requires a  5:45am wake up call.  Boo!!  Since the Disney Princess Half Marathon three weeks earlier, I’d only run a few times 4-5 miles each.  I was nervous about running, although I realized that I had run this distance twice in the last month.  So I should have known that I could at least complete it.

The 15K course runs from downtown Cincinnati out Columbia Parkway and back.


Thinking about it later, I didn’t even realize at the time how awesome it was to run on Columbia Parkway.  This is one of the main roads from downtown to the East side (where I grew up), and it is a winding, hilly road with narrow lanes.  It follows the Ohio River and offers magnificent views.  I kept thinking about beautiful it was as I was running.  The views looked something like this:


How did the run go?  Well, a few things . . . first, I peed right when we got downtown.  Then right before the race started, I felt like I had to pee again (I was downing water before the race, because it was hot and I was afraid of dehydration.)  Usually me having to pee before stuff is just nerves.  In fact, if I don’t have to pee before going on stage or giving a presentation, I should probably be more nervous.  Unfortunately, this urge was real.  I stopped in the second mile (and waited about 3 minutes) to go in the port-a-potty.  YAY!

Something else that I wasn’t prepared for?  Hills!  I’ve heard all about the hills around Cincinnati.  I mean I grew up there, I’m well aware of the topography.  Of course the my usually running route along the Charles River is pretty darn flat.  There were lots of walking breaks.  Especially when I turned up Torrence.  I turned the corner to do the dipsy-doodle of 0.20 miles up and back along that street and thought “WHAT THE EFFF!?!”  There was no way that I was running that.  I did run the last 0.3 miles, a nice downhill part!  And even gave a smile and a thumbs up to the camera man.


I think that’s actually a decent photo.  Sporting my Half Marathon shirt!  I wish that the Half Marathon part wasn’t in yellow text.  I wore this shirt to tap class, and they were all laughing at me being a princess!  READ THE REST OF THE SHIRT!

Mile Splits:


See my awesome 15 minute Mile #2?  Stupid pee!  I also like my randomness of my pace.  I had a freaking 10:51 minute mile (along with my 10:42 jog downhill to the finish)!!!!  Those rolling hills were just killer!  See the elevation below?


and that lovely spike around Mile #6.  That was Torrence.  What grade is that?  (as an engineer, I should be able to calculate it).  Let’s see you gain 123 ft in elevation over 0.22 miles which is 1161.6 ft.  That is a 10.5% incline!  HOLY SCHNIKES!

Anyway, I finished in 1:53, and felt pretty good.



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  1. That’s a great running photo! Pretty sure I never look that good when exercising. 😛 Good job, Anne!

  2. Congrats on the race! What a great photo.

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