Happy V-Day!

Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up, but I’m talking about Viability Day!  At 24 weeks, babies are considered viable meaning doctors will take extensive medical measures to help the baby survive outside the womb.  A baby born at 24 weeks has a 39% chance of survival.  Of course, we’d love for the Little One to stay cooking for another four months.

Highlights from Weeks 21-24:

  • I’ve been feeling the baby since about week 19ish.  Matt has now officially felt it, too!!  At 23 weeks, I was laying on the couch and realized that I could finally feel the baby from the outside.  Not wanting to startle the kid, I whispered for Matt to come over and put his hand on my stomach.  When the baby finally kicked, Matt was like “Is that it?”  He thought that I might be tricking him and just making a muscle twitch.  Nope!  That was it!  I’ve always thought that feeling a baby inside would be creepy, like the alien in Alien.  But so far it’s been kind of neat, also reassuring to keep feeling it.  Of course, I’m still not so excited about other people feeling it.  I really don’t want strangers to be all up in my business!
  • I got to visit with friends and see my high school friend, Jeff, as an Angel (Drag Queen) in the National Tour of Kinky Boots!  It was awesome!  And my friends got to see the bump!!  So much fun in Nashville!  Friend is the guy still in drag makeup in the middle.  I’m the obviously pregnant one on the left.  Actually Jeff and I “dated” in high school.  Someone joked about how funny it is going to see your ex-boyfriend’s show while you’re knocked up with someone else’s kid. 😛  Love you, Jeffy!


  • Not much else is going on.  We’ve started our registry.  I’m taking it slow just doing a few big things at a time.  I think Matt is sick of our weekend trips to Babies R Us though.

Bump Pictures!  I feel like the bump didn’t grow from Weeks 18-23, then this week it’s considerably bigger.  I’m wearing the same shirt in the 21 Weeks and 24 Weeks picture, and I think the difference is noticeable! Also, I have no idea what my finger is doing in the 22 Weeks picture.  Perhaps I subconsciously think that the Little One is a boy.




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