Rounding Third!

And heading for home!  Hard to believe that I’m 3/4 of the way through pregnancy!  When did that happen!?!

The last month has been busy with cleaning up the house and going to childbirth class.  I have the best husband, who willingly woke up early for 5+ hours at the hospital on two Saturdays to learn all about “how to have a baby”.  The topics varied from relaxation techniques to epidurals (bring on the drugs) to learning the stages of labor and about different options we may have.  My selling point for getting him to wake up was that he could eat lunch at the hospital cafeteria.  Unfortunately not all of the fun stations were open, so it wasn’t quite the draw I was expecting.  During our last session, we had to take cards with options and choose which ones we preferred.  Then we had to slowly whittle them down to what was the most important.  As it should be, all of the couples chose “healthy baby” as the number one outcome we would like in regards to childbirth.  Below are what we started with:


We whittled our preferences down to: healthy baby, doctor, hospital, and epidural.

I hit third trimester about 27 weeks, and my “feeling good” body immediately went away.  At the moment, my worst “symptom” is back pain.  Specifically in my middle back when I’m sitting hunched over in certain chairs (like during my 1.25 hr math class), and it’s exacerbated by chairs that have inadequate back support.  Once I get sore, it usually doesn’t subside until the next morning.

My other big development is that I’ve developed gestational diabetes.  I failed my 1 hour glucose test, and then failed my 3 hour glucose test, both in spectacular fashion.  So now I’m trying to control it with diet and monitoring my blood sugar.  I’m two days in, and it hasn’t been going well, so it’s rather frustrating.  Hopefully my body is just adjusting to the new diet, and I won’t have to start taking insulin or other drugs.

Here’s a progression of recent bump pictures.  I feel like my long torso made the bump not so big until recently.  It’s definitely been commented on by colleagues and strangers now.




So, we have about 9.5 weeks left.  We have a few more things to finish up the nursery (at least until baby comes) like getting a ceiling fan and a glider.  Other big “adult” things include finding a pediatrician, writing a will, and looking into life insurance.  So boring, yet completely necessary.  Just 4 weeks left in the semester, too!!  April is going to be a busy month!


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  1. I had GD with both kids….let me know if you want to chat! Looking great!

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