31-36 Weeks Plus Nursery Pics!

Well, I’ll be 37 weeks tomorrow, which is actually full term.  Third trimester has definitely been challenging.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  On top of that, I wasn’t able to control it with diet alone, so my doctor put me on insulin.  Therefore in addition to pricking my finger 4 times per day, I have to give myself insulin shots 3 times per day.  The shots are actually really easy.  And insulin is magical!  My blood sugar numbers have been pretty much spot on ever since adding insulin.  Of course constantly thinking about what I’m eating and how it’ll affect my blood sugar is no fun!  I can’t wait to be able to eat whatever I want.  I have been able to enjoy some treats at my showers, just have to watch it.

Anyway, in other “side effect news”, did you know that pregnancy can cause carpal tunnel syndrome?  A few weeks ago, I started waking up with really sore wrists and couldn’t grab things.  Now I get to wear wrist splints while sleeping to help with that.  The number of random things that are “pregnancy related” just blow my mind!  Don’t get me started on the size of my feet . . .

With three weeks left until the Little One’s arrival, we have now finished setting up the nursery!  Here are some progression photos taking the room from our office full of random junk to a functional nursery:

BEFORE (full of junk)




Painted! (Matt did that while I was out of town one weekend, how sweet!!)


Full of shower presents


Now organized and fully set up:


IMG_2330 IMG_2329

And here are some bump progression pics.  I definitely feel very large these days.





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