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We’re Having a Baby! Half Baked Little One

So . . . about this blog thing.  Maybe I’ll start it up again to document the pregnancy.  Although I’ve missed half of it.  Here goes nothing.

Baby T is due in June!  Which means that he/she is already half baked!  Highlights from the first half of pregnancy:

  • Finding out.  DUH!  I POAS (peed on a stick) using a cheap Wondfo pregnancy test a few days before my period was due.  The line was super faint, but as those who have gone through the TTC (trying to conceive) journey will know, a line is a line.  It was a Tuesday morning, and I had to sit through math class before racing home to POAS with an First Response Early Response.
  • Telling Matt.  No it wasn’t fun or romantic.  I was flipping out that Tuesday morning/afternoon.  Called/texted him throughout that time.  When I left school to go test more, he responded “How are you going to survive 9 months if you’re already this excited!?!”
  • Telling our parents:  Nope, nothing fun either.  Just a phone call to my mom and dad over the weekend.  Told Matt’s parents in person, since they live in town.-
  • Going to Disney World with my girlfriends (one of whom was also pregnant!)  Not going to lie.  Not being able to drink at the Wine & Food Festival and not being able to ride all the fun rides were bummers, but I loved having a great time with my gal pals and chatting about baby stuff.

Disney 2014

  • Our first appointment:  We had to wait until 9 weeks to go to the doctor.  As they say “Nine weeks is a long time put all your faith in a pink line.”  I teared up when we finally saw our little blob on screen.  You can totally tell it’s a baby, right? 😛FirstUS
  • Telling our friends and extended families:  After the 12 week appointment, I started calling friends.  It was so much fun.  Especially when another one of my friends sent me a message informing me that she was pregnant.  I had to call her and laugh while saying “I was just about to tell you the same thing!”  We’re only 3 weeks apart, which is nuts!!  We told my extended family at Thanksgiving.  Trying to tell my “hard of hearing” grandma was hilarious.  I was literally shouting into the phone.  Finally she figured it out.
  • Sharing it with other pregnant friends and family.  As I’ve mentioned two of my very close friends are also due this spring/summer.  I don’t know if I’m just noticing it more or what, but I swear there are so many friends and family that are pregnant right now.  I’m sure our age has something to do with as well, but it’s so nice to share this experience with all of them!  I get to learn from friends who are on their second or third kid, and then share in the new excitement with those who are pregnant with their first kid like I am.
  • Posting it on Facebook.  Ah, yes, the days of social media.  Nothing is official until we put it on facebook.  Once our close friends and family (and my advisor) knew, I decided to finally put it on the book of face.  I wanted something fun, but wasn’t sure how to approach it.  I tossed around ideas involving the dog but figured it’d be easiest to use some baby pictures of Matt and me that I already had on the computer.  Plus who doesn’t like a good math problem?  The entire Photoshop endeavor took about 1.5 hours.  Well with another few minutes, because at first I said that the baby was due June 2013.  Can I chalk that up to pregnancy brain?


  • Taking a “babymoon” to Florida:  Matt really needed a vacation, so we spent 5 days in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  The biggest highlight was going to Orlando for an evening to cheer on Clemson as they annihilated Oklahoma!


  • The 20 week ultrasound:  This is the big one where you get to find out the sex of the baby if you want to.  We don’t.  Well really, I don’t, and my opinion counts the most.  😉  We had to look away during the appointment, and it was so strange knowing that a person in the room knew, but we didn’t!  Here’s a straight on pic of the little one.  You can see his/her hands up by their face.  During the ultrasound, Little One was waving at us.


So when you announce that you’re pregnant, you get a lot of the same questions.  Here’s some answers:

How are you feeling? My first symptom was (TMI) sore boobs.  I didn’t get nausea until I was 7 weeks, which just happened to be the weekend in Disney World.  Mostly my nausea would coincide with being too hungry or too full.  I never threw up . . . until my strong gag reflex kicked in weeks 12-14.  It was only when brushing my teeth, but it was awful.  I’m so glad that passed.  I was also really sleepy during the first trimester.  Traveling takes a lot out of me.  The weekend at Disney practically killed me, like I thought I’d been run over by a truck.  Luckily, I’m a student with a “flexible schedule” who could take naps in the middle of the day.  My only other major symptom has been acid reflux.  I’ve never had it before, so I feel like a big baby.  But I learned to take Zantac if necessary and avoid certain triggers (e.g. dark chocolate, fruit juices, soda, fried foods).

Any cravings? For awhile there in the early second trimester, I was craving red meat.  I am not a red meat person, so it was weird.  But I found this place that had filet bites with a horseradish dipping sauce and basically found heaven.  In the first trimester, I was just really influenced by foods people would talk about.  I’d see an Olive Garden commercial and want pasta.  Oh and cereal.  Lots of cereal.  I swear from listening to all my other pregnant friends, cereal is like the #1 pregnancy food.  Most of us can put away a box of cereal in a few days.

What will April think? Honestly, she’s going to be annoyed that she’s not an only child any more.  We hope that she will love her new brother or sister and cover them with kisses and white dog hair (like much of our house).  And try not to steal their stuffed animals.  Seriously, she has been wonderful with all the young children she’s been around so far, so we hope she’ll be just as great around the new baby.

Are you finding out the sex? See above.  NOPE!   I am a big “Team Green”-er.  I’ve always been someone who doesn’t want to find out.  Part of my reasoning was due to the fact that the technician could be wrong.  Of course, this day and age that doesn’t happen, right?  Well at a baby shower last summer, THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE told stories of the technician being wrong.  Usually they say it’s a girl, and the baby ends up being a boy.  Much easier to see a verify seeing a certain appendage that accidentally not seeing it.  Anyway, I also like the surprise of it all.

Those are pretty much the questions that I got over and over again as the news spread.  Basically could have typed up a response card and handed it out to people.

I’ll leave you with a bump progression.  Since it’s my first baby, it took a while for the bump to show up.  Plus, I have a ridiculously long torso, so I think I hide it pretty well.  I don’t have any pictures before 14 weeks, because I just looked normal.